Monday, August 3, 2009

Comic tiiiime!

Okay, so i'm posting my so-far ideas for the comic assignment... I want to hear some feedback to see if the style works, if you can tell what the environment is, etc.

Please comment your feedback :D


  1. Bobbi,I really like that style because it looks naturalistic and will keep a great balance with your story which I'm guessing will be intelligent but will smack us in the head hard from left of centre. I guess i'm expecting some fun madness from you so the style is like a snapshot! First impression was wow, professional!

  2. the graphic style is nice and gritty, but you might need to make the illusion of panels a bit clearer or find a way for the eye to follow the story with more definition. at the moment, its sort of like a whole heap of ideas were vomited up on a page and there are no clear links between them. awesome ideas that they are, it doesn't read well as a whole.

    hope that was relevant and helped.